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Mental Health Alert
Mental Health Alert
14 September 2018

Poor mental health and stress are major issues in the workplace following surveys of workers in the UK.  

It is estimated half of all employees are affected by poor mental health according to Mind.

The mental health charity revealed around 300,000 people lose their job every year due to a mental health problem.

Stress has also been highlighted as a major problem in the workplace according to the TUC’s biennial health and safety rep survey. The recent survey stated stress was one of the main issues in the workplace. The union representative body has called for employers and managers to do more to identify and reduce risks and provide support to employees struggling to cope.

The mental health charity Mind conducted its survey of 44,000 people and only half of those who had experienced problems relating to low mood, anxiety or stress had spoken to their employer about their issues.

Mind have said this is something that must change. The workers surveyed said shame, fear, and job insecurity were some of the reasons why they had decided to conceal their concerns.

Mind has collaborated with 11 other organisations and The Royal Foundation, Heads Together has created an online resource for employers and employees providing information, advice, resources, and training that workplaces can use to improve workers wellbeing.

Research carried out by the Institute of Directors revealed less than one in five firms offered mental health training for managers.

Its survey found poor relationships with line managers, coupled with a high workload, have the biggest negative impact on the mental health of employees with poor relationships with colleagues also highlighted as an issue.

For more information go to www.mentalhealthatwork.org.uk