Safety Footwear Features

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Soles are made from a number of materials, and dual density soles use a mix of materials for comfort and durability. PU rubber soles and made from polyurethane, encased in rubber for the ultimate shock absorption and comfort. PU/PU rubber sole are made from two types of polyurethane, one contains more air bubbles, while the other is used for durability. A welted sole relates to the method of attaching the sole to the upper. Seams are sealed with an extra strip of leather to reduce water ingress. The majority of footwear in the BACA range offers anti-slip properties, tested in accordance with footwear slip ratings.


This is the section between the sole and upper, usually made from non-metallic material due to its lightweight properties. Certain options feature built-in protection to guard against puncturing. Usually made from Kevlar, steel or aluminium.

Scuff Cap

Made from rubber or non-metallic material to protect the toe cap when kneeling for added durability.

Toe Cap

Composite toe caps are lightweight; providing excellent insulation in cold climates; better electrical resistance; and they don't set off metal detectors. Steel caps tends to cost less; and the material is generally thinner so the footwear is often less cumbersome. Both are tested to the same EN safety standards, and using the correctly rated safety shoes for the task at hand should protect your toes from getting crushed or pierced.


Typically made from leather, either full grain, nubuck, embossed or smooth. Other alternatives include suede, mesh, nylon or PVC/Nitrile.

Metatarsal Guards

Where there is a risk of an impact injury, metatarsal guards made from aluminium, steel or lightweight composites will provide the ideal protection.

Triple Stitching

Often used on stress points to increase durability of the footwear.

Bellows Tongue

A wide folding tongue which are attached at the sides of the upper to help reduce water ingress.

Moisture Wicking Collar

Padded collar is designed to draw water out of the footwear for maximum comfort.

Footwear Lining

Lining is made from one of four materials. Breathable wickaway lining increases airflow and comfort, and is quick drying. Other lining options include a basic textile lining, faux fur for added warmth or a waterproof liner to eliminate water ingress.